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    How to embed Edge Animate 2014.1 object in html page?

    pantomas Level 1

      Since there is no more *_edgePreload.js file, I don't know how to embed my animation into an html page. I don't wanna use iframe.

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          Devendra Kumar Adobe Employee



          If you want the preloader DOM to be a separate js file, enable the option - Publish Preload DOM As A Separate File in Publish Settings as shown in the following article

          Edge Animate Help | New features summary


          Please let me know if this helps.





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            I am new to Edge Animate, and I've created my first project and I believe that it is nearly web ready. The problem is that I already have a site that was not built with Adobe products... again, I'm new here.

            I have scoured the internet trying to find out how to implement this job into our site, but the only answers that I find are statements saying that it works with this builder or that one...or that it can be put in with Dreamweaver and instructions on how to do so.


            We built this site using OptimizePress 2 (a site/page builder for WordPress) , and I would need to put in the created content that I am speaking of via a custom code/html block that I can put on the page in the location I desire the finished product to be located.


            How do I go about adding the finished product to the site... is there a step by step list of instructions on how to do this? There will come a time soon where I will want to make pages using only Edge Animate content for things like landing pages, welcome pages, error pages, etc... but for now I would like to be able to put things in like this that I've built.


            It's just a scrolling "ticker-style" schedule of our session hours. People seem to have trouble scrolling to find them, or even clicking on "Schedule" on our membership side, so we are putting it up in bright scrolling letters.


            One of the guys that helps me with site work managed to get it here.... Trading Scheudle Roller but I need to get this to a code block (element as OP2 calls it) to display this in a particular location. I'm not sure if it's even done right the way he has it in there now



            I'm sorry this got long winded, but any help...instruction or tutorial would be greatly appreciated.



            Thank you,

            Brandon D Gibbs

            The Lion's Den Trading, LLC