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    Lightroom "gamma spikes?"  What's going on and how do I fix it?


      I have used LR since its inception and don't recall that I have ever had this issue until recently.

      While editing still images in Lightroom, I keep getting these odd shifts in the images that make them momentarily mega washed out, almost like a spike in gamma.  It usually occurs when I use quick adjust on an image (or a few), but sometimes it just does it on its own.  Closing the LR window and immediately reopening it solves the issue, but only for that instance.  Otherwise, I have to wait a moment for it to fade back to normal. 



      I can't tell, but it doesn't seem to effect the rest of my monitor, only the images in LR. 



      What could this be and how could I fix it?



      (I am on a 2012 Mac Pro 12-Core with 28GB RAM)




      Thanks in advance for any responses.