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    Fireworks 4

      I have an old version of Fireworks (4--- I believe from the early Pleistocene era). I wanted to intall it on a laptop running XP. I bought the program years ago--- but if I use FW again, I wanted to keep with the simplicity of the old version. Here's my problem: I had the serial number written neatly in Sharpee on the red disk, but appearently it was the SN of FW3. Consequently, I cannot install 4. I had FW3 registered, but not 4, so Adobe cannot help. They suggested the kindness of you folks. Is there any work-around to see if can get this up and running? If not, I assume the old disk will in fact work for me as a nice coaster. For anyone with a solution, I will consider putting you in my will. You can reach me at goldstone@rcn.com. Chuck