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    A5 booklet  "doesn't fit the current [A4] paper size". What's wrong?




      Sorry, I'm new to InDesign, and am having a bit of a freakout over a booklet I need to complete by this afternoon.


      The page sizes are all A5. I try to print with A4 paper settings and the preview looks okay, but says underneath "the booklet doesn't fit the current paper size". Obviously A5, A4, it should fit perfectly, as  it looks to in the preview. When I actually print it the pages are slightly jumbled - 3 with 24  (of 24 pages), 4 with 23 etc., with the centrefold 12-13 split (12-15, 13-14).


      Any idea what's going on here? Is it something to do with crop areas? I can't work it out.


      Thank you! An enormous amount of gratitude to anyone who can help me fix this.