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    Audio control issues between Avid and AE

    Zac Judkins

      I am having an issue with AE and audio control. I am exporting my project from Avid as a quicktime reference and wav to bring in to AE with my audio levels set to -6 DB. Once I finish my project in AE I am exporting my comp through Encoder (my export is DVCPRO HD). What I have noticed is that my audio levels do not stay at -6 DB when I export through Encoder. I can not find in AE or Encoder setting or filter that is boosting my audio levels. When I re import the project I am noticing that audio levels are peaking over 0 DB. Any ideas would be appreciated.

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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

          Do you actually mixdown your audio in Avid? Do you use consistent settings when re-importing? AE does not modify audio files in any way and simply use whatever is there. so most likely you are messing it up on export/ import on the Avid.



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            Dave LaRonde Level 6

            I'm with Mylenium: rethink your workflow.

            I'd go Avid for the edit, AE for visual effects only, then Avid for incorporation of effects and final audio mixdown.  Avid gives you plenty of export options for final delivery.  Incidentally, that's just what I do.

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              Zac Judkins Level 1

              Appreciate the advice. I am using Encoder as my final output render for all my projects (for some odd reason Sorenson is not giving me the right flavor of DVCPRO HD export for the EVS settings we are currently using. Therefore Avid is not my final source of export. In short my workflow is from Avid (quicktime reference) to AE and then Encoder. Just to give some method to the madness. However, I did finally fix the issue and wanted to share just in case anyone else ran in to similar issues. It appears that AE takes your audio mix upon import and normalizes at 0 db. Dropping it down to -6 DB got me back to my original mix. Once again, thanks for trying to help me trouble shoot.