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    AE render farm - not rendering jobs

    Robertw Level 1

      hi all,


      i have made 2 computers (one AE and one AE render farm both are the same versions and i have given both local hard drives unique names) i have mapped both computers with the watch folder - "R:\dump_renders_here" and they have read/write perm


      the render farm pc i have made a text file in C\users\(username)\mydocuments\ae_render_only_node.txt


      i open the "adobe after effects cc render.exe" and watch folder "R:\dump_renders_here"


      on my AE pc i do the following -


      composition > add to render queue


      i change the output location to "R:\dump_renders_here\output", i give it a unique name and save


      file > dependencies > collect files


      save the project


      change the collect source files to "queued comps"


      tick change render output to "give it a unique name"


      enable "watch folder rendering"


      i have one render farm so i enter 1 in "max number of machines" and hit collect


      save it to "R:\dump_renders_here" give it a unique name and hit save


      my render farm pc sees the render but comes up with a message "render control file not valid"


      any help as i think im doing everythink right?