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    Kafka-esque attempts to change my Creative Cloud primary e-mail address


      I spent over an hour yesterday chatting and talking to the Indian Call Center CSR's in a vain attempt to change my primary e-mail address because it's a Time Warner address and that may go away if Comcast buys them. I wanted to change it to my Apple e-mail. Nightmare!


      Bottom line is, the web-based Adobe Account Settings won't allow it, and these guys tell me the only solution is to cancel my Creative Cloud Account and open a new one. I don't want to do this because I'm quite certain I'll never get CC 2014 and LR 5 working again, my pre-cloud license for CS6 will no longer show up  or work and I'll have to spend the next month of my life trying to undo the effects of the cancellation without the use of my software. Remember, Murphy was an optimist!


      I'm sorry but I hard to believe that in 2014, you can't go into Account Settings and change your e-mail. God forbid, what happens if it changes? You literally have to blow away your account and start over?


      I'm hoping someone from Adobe reads this and can help. I have a copy of the chat transcript that is so circuitous, it'll turn your hair gray just reading it.