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    What is the most efficient way to import SQL-database data into InDesign CS6?


      I'm trying to find out what would be the best way to import data from a database into InDesign CS6 (no .txt or .csv)?


      I would like to use this to create folders/posters for in-store use.




      A standard poster with editable fields will be created to serve as a template.


      When an employee wishes to print a new poster for a product with detailled information the following should happen:


      - he/she gets a prompt with, for example, 'input article ID:'

      - InDesign looks up the article ID in a database and gets the detailed information

      - the information (name, picture, category, ...) is put into textfields/imageboxes on the template

      - the user is presented with either a 'Print now' screen or the file is exported to a pdf-file and saved to the harddrive of the employee's computer


      I've been looking around and found a few (expensive) 3rd party plugins to extract data from a database.


      Is there any (doable) way to script this myself or is a 3rd party plugin mandatory?


      Thanks in advance for any help!


      Kind regards,

      Stijn DHondt