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    Edge Suite Wordpress plugin not working

    Giovanni Basso

      The Edge Suite plugin that Adobe says  will integrate Edge Animate animations with Wordpress is not working. When trying to upload an animation package (.oam), an error appears ("Cannot find main JS edge file /...edgePreload.js") and the animation is not uploaded to Wordpress. Unfortunately, there seems to be no workaround to get Edge Animate animations working on Wordpress without this plugin; the plugin needs to be fixes ASAP.


      The Adobe advertisements say we can "seamlessly" integrate Edge animations with Wordpress, but, for the moment, this is completely false.  I know that the Edge Suite is a third party plugin, but I've paid for Adobe´s service, not third parties support.

      I only work with Wordpress sites and if the plugin does not work, my subscription to Creative Cloud becomes useless. I really need this plugin to work, so I can deliver my project designs to my clients.

      Please help forward this issue to the right developer teams within Adobe, not to just the "lonely one man third party Edge Suite plugin developer guy". He probably needs help getting this fixed. I think there is no need to remember this, but just in case: Wordpress is the largest CMS in the world, the base for a huge part of internet's websites, so it really strikes me to not be able to integrate Edge Animate with Wordpress.


      best regards,

      Giovanni Basso