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    Elements stops responding?


      Problem With Elements stopping began with Elements 10.

      It was extremely slow. Upgraded to Elements 11 and 12 but the program gradually got worse.

      Tried Elements 13 and it started OK, but slowed down after e few minutes. When trying to reconnect

      I closed it after 14 minutes processing of e 6,9 MB file, and it still was not finished.

      I use win 7 and the pc got more than enough available memory.

      Something is causing Elements to slow and freeze, but what?

      I also get a warning that Elements is not compatible with win7.

      What can be done? how to solve this problem?

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          A.T. Romano Level 7



          Is your Windows 7, 32 or 64 bit?


          Is Photoshop Elements or Premiere Elements involved in this particular question? For now I will assume Premiere Elements.


          You say that you have tried Premiere Elements 10, 11, and 12. Then you wrote

          I also get a warning that Elements is not compatible with win7.

          For what version of Premiere Elements did you get this message? Premiere Elements 10, 11, 12 should be compatible with

          Windows 7 64 bit and should be running in it as a 64 bit application.


          a. Please describe your computer resources

          b. Are you running the program from a User Account with Administrative Privileges

          c. Do you have the latest version of QuickTime installed on your computer with Premiere Elements

          d. Is your computer optimized - run the free ccleaner lately CCleaner - Download


          Let us start here and then decide what next. The answers to all of the above should help us to customize a troubleshooting



          Thank you.



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            Bjellaas Level 1


            tks for your reply.

            Wen performing compatibility check for both Elements 12 and 13 I got the same answer.

            Now, I can not have any activities done in Elements without the program "do not respond"

            I got following to your questions:

            a) Win7, 64bit, i3CPU, 4,00 GB RAM.

            b) Yes, only user.

            c) Yes downloaded to-day without any effect.

            d) Yes I run CCleaner frequently, also done to-day.


            I hope for a possible solution.

            Brgds Roy

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              A.T. Romano Level 7

              Brgds Roy


              Thanks for the reply. Are you confirming that your program is Premiere Elements rather than Photoshop Elements?

              For now I will assume that you are running Premiere Elements 12 on Windows 7 64 bit and focus on that.


              It sounds like you can still get into a new project, but editing is very slow. Is that correct? If so, what

              type of files have you been editing with Premiere Elements - any Xvid.avi, DV.avi type 1 instead of type 2,...?

              Do you get this slow performance if you are using a few jpg photos instead of your source video? What is

              the brand/model/settings of the camera that recorded the video if the video is from a camera? If not from a

              camera, what is the recorder for the video?


              Have you tried increasing the installed RAM from 4 GB to 8 GB?


              How much free hard drive space does your computer have? Where are the Scratch Disks directed and how

              much free hard drive space is at those locations?


              Have you gone through looking for pile ups of preview files, conformed audio files, and conformed video files.

              See Adobe Folder's Adobe Premiere Elements Preview Files Folder, Media Cache Files Folder, and Edit Menu/Preferences/

              Media and its Media Cache Database Clean button.


              Let us review the above and then decide the next steps if necessary.


              Any questions or need clarification, please do not hesitate to ask.


              Thank you.



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                Bjellaas Level 1


                Sry, it was Photoshop Elements. Only nef and jpg with a few tiff files.

                When using organizer, most of the files come up, but he pictures are blurred. Like they do not connect to the datafile.

                When using the organizer it the slows downand freezes.

                When opening the editor, the loading of a file is very slow (plus 1 min) and the it also freezes often and stops prosessing.

                I have not tried to increase the RAM, as the task manager shows low use of memory(1,8 RAM). Plenty left for Elements as no other tasks are running.

                I got 150 GB available storage. and are using external harddrive(1TB) for most of the picture storage. In  all I got appr less than 1 1000 of a

                total of 10.000 images on the internal harddrive.

                I have tried to deinstall Elements 12 and loaded test version of Elements 13. No apparent changes. Still freezes, and program check

                gave no improvement. Except loss of access to files. It looks like I have to re-connect everything again. But, when asking to reconnect

                it only show a few of the images(appr 25), and those took more than 30 mins to reconnect after correct file for the images was given.


                It looks like I must deinstall Elements 13 and use the old Elements 11 to clear most changes and get back to a starting point.

                However the problems was exactly the same with Elements 11, but then I had a link to all image files.


                This non functional Elements is wearing me out, and I have stopped all image processing and are getting quite a backlog of

                unprocessed images.

                I hope this can be rectified.

                Brgds Roy

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                  A.T. Romano Level 7

                  Brgds Roy


                  Thank you for your reply. The reason that I kept asking about your program relates to the fact that you have posted in the Adobe Premiere Elements Forum whose focus is video editing. If I had known sooner that your program was Photoshop Elements I would have suggested that you move your thread to the Adobe Photoshop Elements Forum where Photoshop Elements experts such as Barbara Brundage might see your situation and give you best advice.

                  Photoshop Elements


                  I use Photoshop Elements as well as Premiere Elements but I spend 99% of my time with Premiere Elements and video editing.

                  Computer resources could be involved because of your workflow and you are using Photoshop Elements Windows earlier than 13 (those are only 32 bit applications with max supported installed RAM = 4 GB of which typically 3 GB of that are available). And, how do you have the Editor's Edit Menu/Preference/Performance (% available RAM for use and Scratch Disks set up)?


                  If you work with Photoshop Elements 13 Windows which is now a 64 bit application, you should have greater resource opportunities. And, if you go from 4 to 8 GB installed RAM and that program with optimal settings for Edit Menu/Preferences/Performance, you should improve your situation considerably. If you are not and are getting low memory messages in spite of all that, then your computer may have a memory leak or some other computer issue that needs attention. Lots of possibilities.


                  Please click on the link to the Adobe Photoshop Elements Forum that I posted above, post your question there about your situation, and be guided by what the Photoshop Elements professionals have to say.


                  I will continue to watch for your progress.


                  Please consider.


                  Thank you.



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                    AT, I am running Premiere Elements 14. While exporting video the program freezes during encoding every time. I have tried uninstalling/reinstalling, changing user accounts, etc, and I still have issues. I am running Windows 10. Please help me, I am ready to throw my laptop out the window. I should mention that when I first bought the software, I had windows 8.1 and I have previously had no issues. Also, I have been able to burn a dvd while trying to trouble shoot.

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                      Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

                      Laura, please note that you are responding to a three year old post. ATR has not been on this forum in quite some time.


                      But if you'd to start a new thread, we'll be glad to help you work through your issues.