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    User movable objects

    shadowfax007 Level 1

      Hi all - I've been away for awhile and I know I'd seen this multiple times in posts with people making games (or so I thought it was edge-maybe it was canvas?) but I can't seem to find it in my searches.

      I want to create an object(rectangle with images on it) that can be scrolled from the bottom to the top by the user (just like a webpage scrolls with the mouse or on a tablet).  I imagine this is quite simple and I'm just missing something?

      I'm not looking for a custom scrollbar or anything - just the ability for the user to move a window vertically.


      Any ideas?

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          Devendra Kumar Adobe Employee



          Please check this article and let me know if it helps.


          Exploring parallax scrolling, animation, and text effects in Adobe Edge Animate CC | Adobe Inspire Magazine





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            shadowfax007 Level 1


            Wow!  What a beautiful, thought out and incredible tutorial!

            The combination of text, video and program files is so helpful - one of the best tutorials I've seen on almost anything- Thank you!


            Unfortunately, although the tutorial helped, It also showed me that I have another problem perhaps.

            The project I'm working on is a full screen animation( webpage).  What I'm trying too accomplish is that when you click on a link on the page, a box appears in the middle of the window and has images that can be scrolled from the bottom up (50+ images so they won't fit on one screen)

            Here is a link to the beginning of what I was hoping to accomplish:



            When a link is clicked, I was trying to have a box slide up from the bottom filled with images.  This "box" (symbol) inside of the animation is the one that I was trying to get to be "scrollable" by the user.


            In your (great) tutorial, it looks like it is the edge animation itself that is scrollable - In my case I only want a piece of the entire animation to be scrollable...


            I hope that makes more sense :-)

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              shadowfax007 Level 1

              One other thing before I try-

              If this isn't doable, my other though was to create a standard webpage and using jQuery, call hidden div's that would each hold a different edge animation.

              An example would be to build the page (as in the link in my previous post) and when a link is clicked, have the links move to the top via jQuery as they do now in edge and also call a hidden div for that particular link to slide up with the images and be scrollable in the middle of the page.

              Is it possible to have several edge animations, each in their own div (I believe this is easily doable) and if so can they be set to run ONLY when they become visible?


              Thanks again - I didn't want to open a new discussion question until I tried this first :-)