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    ADDITIONAL example - ad  PREVIOUS theme


      Lr_grid_example_Screenshot - 17_ 10.png

      FastStone_grid_ exam_Screenshot - 17_ 10.png

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          NicHamilton Level 3

          I often suggest to those submitting a question that a screenshot or two might help explain their problem....in addition to some text. 


          These screenshots don't tell me what your problem is........can we have some text explaining please.



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            negue Level 1

            Hi Nic and my friends,


            Sorry - I made mistake - text is missing in my previous question - report  :


            "ADDITIONAL example - ad  PREVIOUS theme"  -  (see above 2 screenshots)


            After importing RAW images to Lr 5.6 (Library and then Develop modul) photos change colour (they are darker, "warmer" yelow...).


            Exported images - after adjustment - preview then in any other PicturViewers for ex. FastStone, Canon Image Browser, Picasa, Windows ..... IMAGES have REALISTIC Colour - are clear and light again !!!!!


            You can see two  SCREENSHOT above - as a proof of my experience.

            HOW TO RESOLVE This PROBLEM ?????!!!!!!!


            My Camera: Canon G1X Mark II.

            My Monitor calibration is OK (sRGB)

            As regard SETTINGS - I do NOT PRESET ANY DEVELOPING or ADJUSTMENT parameters during IMPORTING process.


            ....Thanks a lot for answers


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              NicHamilton Level 3

              The initial view you get when importing is the embedded jpg not the Raw file.  Lightroom then makes its own interpretation of the raw file data to give you the view you see which you say are darker and warmer.  The exact nature of this and how different it is from your original embedded jpg preview depends on which Camera Profile you have set up as default.


              In the Develop section if you scroll down to the Camera Calibration Panel you will see "Profile: " and next to it the name of the profile that Lightroom is using by default for your photos when it converts the raw data into something useful on screen.  These are Adobe's approximations as to the various profiles made by the Camera manufacturer and some are very good and some less so.  If you feel your photos are becoming warmer I'd guess you've got either "Landscape" or "Portrait" selected.


              I don't know FastStone so can't comment but it may just be viewing the embedded jpg, the Canon Image Browser should show the raw as closest to the embedded jpg as Canon control both files and can hence ensure the two look the same.

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                negue Level 1

                Thanks Nick

                You are very kindly - try to help me.

                I am "photograph - beginer", but it seems to me that problem will be in "camera profile" settings in develope modul in Lr 5.6.

                I can see there only "Camera Canon PowewrShot G1X", but not "G1 X Mark II" - in which, optical system is totally DIFFERENT - I will wait for update Lr (probably 5.7 ???) 


                Onve more thank You very much.

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                  NicHamilton Level 3

                  The G1X mk2 is listed as being supported since LR5.5:


                  Camera Raw plug-in | Supported cameras


                  That aside, I think the Camera Profile which mentions the camera name is within Lens corrections, not Camera Calibration where you should have options like Adobe Standard, Camera Standard, Camera Landscape etc (I don't know exactly what as they vary from Camera model to model).

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                    negue Level 1

                    Hi Nick,

                    You are very patient as regard Me .....

                    Finally - You navigate me correct.


                    My final question to You is:


                    Which is the correct location in folder directory - I must to install /download/ Camera raw 8.6:

                    - to  C: folder "Program files"/Adobe/ Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 5.6/......????

                    - or C: Program Files(x86)/Adobe/Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 5.6/......????

                    - ????

                    Will it then work correctly with my Lightroom 5.6 ?


                    (In my PC I have OS: W7/64 bit)


                    Thank You lot.