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    FlashPlayer Update Does Not Respect No McAfee Option

    NWphotodev Level 1

      FlashPlayer update this morning on Google Chrome. The option for installing with McAfee is made available during the process. I uncheck the already checked option to ensure it does NOT install. FlashPlayer downloads a downloader for the program and I run it.

      The program installs BOTH FlashPlayer and McAfee.

      While I understand partner agreements driving the option to install more "stuff"  (you see an option to install ChromeBar if you update player in IE), this is annoying and is a waste of my time!


      Seems that the latest update developers need to run the update through its paces again to eradicate the issue that results in customers having to uninstall a tag along product that they indicated they didn't want to install in the first place. The option is presented for a reason -- to enable customers to have a choice.


      How many others have had a similar experience where your selected option on install was not respected?