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    Development Strategy


      How do people develope flashscript that uses WebServices from Flash Pro 8?

      Do you use a URL to a development server from ActionScript when in Flash Pro 8 and then use a URL relative to the HTML page that served up the SWF file in production?

      The reason I ask is, the browser only allows connections back to the originating domain... maybe we use the originating domain's webserver and Flash Pro 8 allows it?

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          Star_Tail_Pro Level 1
          Ok, from what i gather what your saying i think i can speak:

          Flash only connects to the same domain, a security percussion but there are ways round it, if you search google.

          There are things like AMFPHP that you can put on your server that will let you communicate from actionscript to php.

          I hope thats what you want
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            flashgruven Level 1
            thanks Star Tail Pro!

            Yeah, I understand the security... what I was wondering is how do people develop using WebServices... Here is what I have found... From inside Flash Pro 8, there is NO security, so I am using the WebServices that will be used from the active site and it works. My guess is when I deploy, it will still work.

            Thanks again,
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              Hi. Maybe you have to investigate about "crossdomain.xml" and System.security.loadPolicyFile, this two thinks allows you connect to another domain wich the policy is especified in the crossdomain.xml file that is on the server wich contanied the webservice.
              Good Luck