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    Help Please! My InDesign CC program has really huge tools, why?



      I've just become a member of Creative Cloud and at the same time got a brand new Windows 8 computer. With that said, issues I've been experiencing could be one or the other.

      So I open my InDesign program for the 1st time and my toolbar on the left hand side? It looks really big to me, it's much smaller in my Photoshop. Does anyone know how to fix and return back to normal? I didn't click anything nor work on anything since it's been like that, I left it alone. Also, my mouse pointer (which is an arrow) is also huge in InDesign only! Does anybody know why this is happening? I'm pretty sure it's just a simple setting but I've already spoken to 2 people and they have no clue how to change it.


      I appreciate your help, thank you!