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    My first script needs help

    My first script need help

      text<tab>{findWhat:”<U+0394>”}<tab>{appliedCharacterStyle:”Symbol”}<tab>{includeFootnotes: true, includeMasterPages:true, includeHiddenLayers:true, wholeWord:false}




      In this case, I want to swap the Greek letter Delta, which is its codepoint U + 0394, for a specific character style (the style is called Symbol).


      The question is: is written right?


      Where should I put it? Because I'm just adding this line in an existing code ...


      Thanks anyway to everyone! ^^

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          Jump_Over Level 5


          You could  use "grep" mode instead of "text". I mean:


          grep<tab>{findWhat:"\x{394}"}<tab>{appliedCharacterStyle:"Symbol"}<tab>{includeFootnotes:t rue, includeMasterPages:true, includeHiddenLayers:true, wholeWord:false}


          findWhat:"\x{394}" means to find a unicode with specified number (the number you can see in InDesign Info Panel).

          This should be placed as a one of lines inside "FindChangeList.txt" file before "FindChangeByList.jsx" run.