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    AE Major color/work-flow problems in latest release

    Zach the human

      Hello fellow After effects users,

      I'm not usually one to bring up problems like this online but, recent changes to the "color" window have crippled my workflow. Ill describe the problems here and maybe there are new options I don't know of that can alleviate the challenge.


      The color window is now seemingly a port of windows found in photoshop with a swatches panel and multiple color choosing options. This change however has brought on 2 major problems. First; the new "magnifying glass" color picker tool almost never chooses the exact color it highlights. The brightness and contrast selected are always slightly off for no explainable reason. In some cases, as in acquiring a color from another shape in AE, I can make a swatch of the color I want and use that. BUT, when I have a rasterized file, like a JPEG, it is impossible to match a color. There also is no Hex code box for colors, so no one stop way to copy and paste a color from one location to the next (my usual work around for faulty color pickers). This leaves, using Apple's built in color identifier (DigitalColor meter), then, switching back to AE to dial in the 3 parameters of hue, saturation, and brightness (or RGB) - an ok way to do things but way more cumbersome than previous methods.

      Don't get me wrong; the swatches are amazing and have many great applications. I would not want them removed. There are just some things they cant do, especially with a color picker that does not work well.