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    No PDF email export?

    Lopesco Level 1

      I consider my illustration finished: in other words, I don't need to import it into Illustrator. I can't have a vector file as in Ideas? The only options I got is send crappy bitmap files for email or Creative Cloud and I've lost a great time making it, as I've always did in Ideas, thinking I'll get the same functionality. My version of Illustrator is CS6, and I can't upgrade it. There is a sort of plugin or something like that? A suggestion: make it a paid app with a simple vector export option for those who aren't paid Creative Cloud users.

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          Sebastian C. Level 1

          I kinda feel duped by Adobe too. I thought Draw was an updated version of Ideas with more features, but as it turns out, they removed many of the export options of Ideas to force users to pay for one of their Creative Cloud software plans. No where does it say in the app description that creative cloud software plans are *required* to edit your vector drawing outside the app or that you can only upload a PNG files to the cloud. It seems dishonest imply otherwise to me.


          I was seriously thinking about subscribing before I found all this out, but now I'm having seconds thoughts. I'm deleting all my adobe apps except Ideas and I'll backup my ideas app in case Adobe decides to remove the export options for it in a future update. At this point, I wouldn't really put that past them.

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            Lopesco Level 1

            I know how you're feeling... I'm a HUGE fan of Adobe Ideas, and really used this app a lot, for some of my best vector drawings (I even solely rely on Illustrator for doing more than type work - no illustrations after Ideas). So, without knowing of this "little detail" - no vector export for non subscribers - I sticked yesterday with it (and I have to say LOVING the new options included in Draw), for about 10 hours doing a work for my t shirt brand, and when I tried to export to do some post production in Photoshop CS6, all I could get was crappy and unuseable jpegs and a png that seemed a screen print of that jpegs...The same occurs with Adobe line. I've searched all around in the community, but it was worthless... no way to get a vector file if you aren't a subscriber. I'm not against the Adobe trying to get everybody subscribing to their services, but it would be more honest with the client (or future client...) to write down all these details in a totally clear manner in the apps technical description. Or, as I've suggested: make the Draw (or other apps for that matter) PAID, and include export options that atend both subscribers or non-subscribers. Well, I'll wait to see if they give a step back in this strategy of denying a complete user experience to all the customers, and add the pdf export in a future update. And yes, I hope they don't take this out of Ideas.

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              Agree with all of you guys ... I don't want to be obliged to export to Illustrator. I am happy with my iPad app and I did pay for Ideas originally and will pay for Illustrator Draw.

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                Lopesco Level 1

                Hi Mr_Gee68. Please take a look in this feature request I've posted some days ago: Feature request - Vector export for all CC customers (free or paid)

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                  jackjohnbrown Level 1

                  I couldn't agree more—it's really ridiculous that a vector drawing app cannot export a vector file to users who legitimately own the companion software. Shutting out legacy users of Illustrator is extremely short-sighted here, especially when Ideas has shown that it is easily possible to support. By all means, let CC users have the "Send to Illustrator" button as a premium feature, but if you relegate legacy users to exporting ONLY jpg or png, there is essentially no reason at all to use Draw instead of an app like Procreate—in fact, Procreate even exports as a Photoshop file if desired! How ironic that Adobe's "updated" app may actually drive users to a competitor's more fully featured app.


                  Please, Adobe. Reconsider. This just makes you look bad.

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                    This is pretty much the worst. I was so unbelievably peeved when I realized that an export option for .pdf was not avaliable. I create A LOT of art exclusively on my ipad where my main programs used were Ideas and Procreate. I like to have the option to print these, which could be easily done with Ideas having a .pdf export option easily available. I was very excited to see this "upgrade". I really hope enough people raise a stink to make Adobe amend this incredibly stupid mistake. I definitely left a sour review on Draw and won't be changing that opinion unless some thing is done about this. Absolutely going back to Ideas. JackJohnBrown is right! This makes Adobe look very bad.

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                      Lopesco Level 1

                      I know exactly how all of you are feeling... one day after the app be released (and let's say, it seemed to be a great addition to Ideas), I lost a whole saturday doing an illustration and by the time to export the finished work... "wait: where's the send e-mail? Ah it's here! It's like in Adobe Ideas! Great!!" - the happiness ended very soon as I opened the e-mail and found an unuseable (for print purposes) jpeg file attached... Well, I still got a hope that Adobe will give a step back in this mistreat to the non-subscribers of Illustrator CC (or at least, will put in CAPS LOCK in the app's technical description that you MUST be a paid subscriber to use Adobe Draw fully - as they did with Lightroom for iPhone). Take a look at this feature request I raised some days ago: Feature request - Vector export for all CC customers (free or paid)

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                        Hi Lopesco


                        You can turn off Auto-update in settings so you can keep Adobe ideas just as it is, don't have it set to auto update, maybe they will remove the export PDF function from Adobe Ideas in a sly update. I wouldn't be surprised, it would make sense for them to do so, seen as they have restricted their new vector drawing App to prevent exporting vector drawings.


                        Crazy as it sounds.

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                          Lopesco Level 1

                          Yes, it's good to prevent... I always keep this option disabled, as I like to get control over what app's being updated. I still have a hope that Adobe will bring this feature (pdf exporting) in a future update, but what worries me is how FUTURE it is... I remember when they removed the ability to get the lines smoothed WHILE drawing in the Ideas app: it costed months and months of complaining by the whole community 'till we get the feature back. I still think they will not exclude this option for everybody, because would be a senseless strategy: I'm complainig about this strange export option omission, because Ideas is an app I REALLY love. In the iPad we got some other good vector apps, but Ideas was the best concerning free hand vector illustration and Draw could be a great addition/substitution to it (if it works properly...). There's an app that's going to be launched next november 7th, called minidraw 2... I've never used the original minidraw, but maybe it can be an app to be experimented... or not, haha let's see it.

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                            justinr714 Level 1

                            There is a similar thread here where adobe staff do say PDF export will be in a future update, I already asked on the time of update. I too use Adobe ideas, its great, it's become a big part of my work process over the last 2 years, to have it under threat (I guess it will be removed from the App Store soon) and the replacement app not having a vector or PDF file export function... In a vector drawing app, it's pretty crappy, Unless of course you have the latest desktop software and CC subscription.


                            I will check out MiniDraw,  See what that's like.

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                              Lopesco Level 1

                              Hi guys. Did you read What I've written above, concerning an app called minidraw 2 (launched yesterday)? Forget it! Is the same stupid subscription idea, in a more agressive and restrictive way: you need to pay to get  features like line width , saving slots and, as Draw, valid exporting options... These developers are getting crazy... Man, why not make a fu****** in-app purchase option for something? I don't need to pay for an entire year to use just one option of an app. These guys don't realize that the amount of money spended in the end of the year with something so basic as an export option is TOO MUCH for what they're selling? As I said, I agree with paying for it, but ONE TIME ONLY. Paying a monthly fee is too much for such a simple thing.

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                                Mr_Gee68 Level 1

                                Many good ones anyway, but I really want to stay with Ideas ...

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                                  Lopesco Level 1

                                  That's the best bet by now for sure...

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                                    Sebastian C. Level 1

                                    I played with miniDraw 2 a little and it's buggy. iDraw is a much better solution with more features. There isn't a tapered line stroke in iDraw, but you can control the line smoothing, glow/shadows effects, brush editor, styles, etc.


                                    I've since switched back to Adobe Ideas from using Adobe Draw and I don't really miss any of the new features. I have a soft flexible ruler that I use with Ideas when I need it. It's still a little annoying having to email myself PDF files, but at least I have that option again.


                                    Here's what I've been using as Adobe alternatives on the iPad:


                                    Adobe Draw > Adobe Ideas or Tayasui Sketches

                                    Photoshop > ArtStudio or Autodesk Sketchbook or Sketch Club

                                    Illustrator > iDraw or Inkpad

                                    Flash > DoInk (recently updated)

                                    Premiere Pro > Cute Cut Pro

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                                      Lopesco Level 1

                                      Yes, I agree: I already use iDraw for some fast works on the go that require type or exact forms... a great app. The point that I think Ideas is unbeatable is the free form drawing: beautiful line plus good control of width (the exporting e-mail I always tought as something unexplainable and limiting: depend on internet to get a work - why not iTunes file sharing? Nobody knows, but anyway it's better than no export at all, as in Draw)

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                                        Sebastian C. Level 1

                                        You're right, iDraw is nice, but it doesn't compare to Ideas in free form drawing. It could really use a blob brush tool like in Illustrator. I kinda wish Autodesk would update their Sketchbook Ink app with transform and fill tools. Unfortunately, it seems they abandoned it. I might just switch to Sketch Club and drop Ideas altogether. It has a nice vector drawing tool (with "fill" turned off) and all I really use Ideas for is inking sketches anyway. Sketch Club has better export options too, including PSD and transparent PNG.

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                                          Mr_Gee68 Level 1

                                          I don't hear you talking much about Inkpad as an alternative, how comes?

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                                            Sebastian C. Level 1

                                            Inkpad is a nice app, but it has fewer features than iDraw. There's no control over line smoothing, no layer effects, fewer layer options, no styles, etc.


                                            Inkpad was made open source because the devloper pretty much gave up on it, so wether or not it gets updated depends on the community. I know that there are many clones of Inkpad in the App Store, but I don't bother following their progress. It's possible someone took InkPad, added more features, and published it by some other name.

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                                              Lopesco Level 1

                                              Yes, iDraw it's the most featured vector app for iPad, but as Inkpad and it's successor, Skribl, lack a good free form tool. But all the rest someone's looking for to do a fast vector work on the iPad it's there. I began using Inkpad in the iOS, but as soon I discovered iDraw I've left it. Yesterday we have found 2 updates in the appstore: one for Adobe Draw and the other for Adobe Line, but as it seems no vector export, only "bug" corrections... They don't realized yet what it's the biggest "bug" of those apps...

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                                                jackjohnbrown Level 1

                                                Looks like the latest update has FINALLY added pdf export (to Creative Cloud at least, not email).