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    List Numbering OK in PDF but not in ePub


      I a reasonably new to Adobe Indesign and now have real respect for it.


      However, I am having a problem that is driving me mad.


      On my InDesign everything looks cool and is assigned both paragraph and character styles/ The character styles are not within the paragraph definition because I saw that this was an issue with ePub.


      If I publish my document to PDF everything looks as I would like it.


      If I publish it to epub 2 or epub 3 there is one section that does not work properly. Suddenly the paragraph styles are indented and the numbering goes wrong. I have checked and double checked both the paragraph and character styles - they are right and look fine in InDesign.


      I would appreciate any ideas to what I am doing wrong? Is it a bug in Indesign? Is there a way of working around it? I don't know anything about inDesign.. I have been trying to get around this for a full day and it is not what I want to be doing,





      Please make me