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    does not refresh LR leaves a frame


      16-10-2014 12-40-20.jpg

      Hi can anyone help? I have this strange frameafter scrolling through some pictures, usually after the 5th or 10th. It does only happen in LR and in no other program. Therfore it does not seem to be a graphic card issue. Even after  I have a new SSD card (256 GB) on my Windows 7 Professional with 12 GB Ram. I had that thru all LR versions since LR 3, but now it has improved as in so far the effect does not happen as fast. It does not matter if I am on grid or loupe or on full screen mode.


      I already updated the driver for my Nvidia Quadro 2700 M  on the driver version of 9/12/2014 (Dell Precision M6400) and a Intel 2 Duo CPU 9600 @ .2.9 GHz. It simply does not refresh the screen until I give a major order (F full screen on or off, I for title on or off or change), change from loupe to grid or vice versa... Then another bunch of pics and the prob returns...


      We have also determined that it is no overlay, as it would have to happen with every pic...


      So please help as there is no idea left. Is this a bug or is it the machine?


      Help is very much appreciated. Thanks a lot in advance