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    Erratic behaviour with email submit


      We generated interactive *pdf forms using LiveCycle 8.2 in 2010.   They have worked flawlessly for the past four years, up until this last week.  Last week, we re-created new forms (based on an older form) to be project specific, these forms are providing us with erratic grief;  particularly with the email submit.  We just can't figure out why all the older forms work fine, but these new ones created are problematic.  Most often, even though can see the email in my "SENT" box with an attachment, the receipients do not see the attachement;  rather the MIME scripting of the file.


      I am wondering if the practice of re-creating a new form from a previous form (just editing the scripting) is not a good practice and could be the underlying problem.  Should master forms be saved as templates?  and do templates perform differently or hold settings differently than just modifying and save-as (with a new file name from an old).


      Any help/suggestions appreciated.