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    PRE13 does not render M2T-H264 properly whereas the same project in PRE10 rendered perfectly?


      When I try to render any project using the PRE13 M2T - H264 1920x1080I 25 preset the video is choppy and the sound crackles.


      To check the cause I selected an old archived project created in PRE10. This rendered perfectly using PRE10. But when I rendered it using PRE13 with the same settings the video and audio had the same problems. So the problem must be down to the new software and not my computer set up.


      [My setup is a top of the range Lenovo Carbon X1 with i7, 8gb RAM, SSD, running W7.]


      Having spent days producing a 30min video in PRE13, not being able to render it using "upgraded" software is incredibly frustrating.


      Has anyone any knowledge of this issue and why the new version should suddenly introduce these errors?