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    Rh Variable displays variable name, not value


      In master page, header, I have inserted the chapter name. When I generate the output, it displays the variable name, PD Chapter Name, not the value of the variable. The code is unaltered from the button selection 'Insert Chapter Name' . Is there another step I'm missing? Thank you!


      <p><?rh-variable_start name="pd-chap-name"

        value="&amp;lt;&amp;lt;PD Chapter Name&amp;gt;&amp;gt;" ?>&lt;&lt;PD Chapter Name&gt;&gt;<?rh-variable_end ?></p>

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          Captiv8r Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Hi there


          Can you share screen captures of the variables pod as well as a topic or something depicting this in the final result?


          Thanks... Rick

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            Nicole Kitson_479

            Hello, I am having a similar issue where my variable output is displaying the variable name and not it's value. I am currently using a MacBook Pro running OS X Yosemite. I am using ColdFusion Builder 3 to build the code and MAMP to run a local server. I have a very simple output to test whether or not I am getting correct output. The code is as follows:


            <!DOCTYPE html>






                            <h1> hello world</h1>

                            <cfset name = "John">




            After running this code, I receive the result:


            hello world



            I am confused on why the variable is displayed as the actual variable name and not its value. When running the exact same code in a windows environment, I receive the result as expected.

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              Amebr Level 4

              Hi Nicole, this is a Robohelp forum. You'll probably have better luck asking in the ColdFusion Builder forum.