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    Dynamic text box problems

      I have 3 main frame on my first timeline. In the first frame, i have defined an array as follows

      langIdx = 0;
      lu = {};
      lu.welcome = ["Hello", "Bienvenu", "Chiao"];
      lu.bye = ["Goodbye", "Au Revoir", "Chiao"];

      When a button is selected on the first screen, it sets the langIdx.

      Within the 2nd frame there is a movie clip called mainroom where the length is just one frame , then within this there is are several movie clips, one being called newspaper. Within the newspaper clip, are all the movements and actions for the newspaper. What i am trying to do is put a dynamic text box in there, and get it to display the lu.wecome text depending on the langidx. However i can't get anything displayed.

      I tried putting mainClip.newspaper_mc.newinstructions.text = lu.welcome[langIdx] on the maintimeline, on the frame that has the main movie clip, but nothing is produced in the dynamic text box. Anybody tell me where i am going wrong?