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    Master page items, and graphics in fixed layout

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      Quick question about fixed layout and how it handles simple graphic items like rules, frames, color blocks, and master page items.


      I converted just one chapter of a coffee-table type book. This book has some colored backgrounds under some pages, and sidebars which are created just as frames of color. On master pages it has a folio/footer on each page that has a top and bottom rule. Pretty simple, I thought. But I find that it has created a unique png for every rule, or color block, or frame—even though those are master page items and all identical. So for this one chapter it created 600 unique items! (This is a nearly 300 page book so this isn't acceptable!)


      In addition a table was rendered out with every colored cell and rule saved as a png with the text saved separately. So it can't deal with a table the way a reflowable epub can.


      I guess my question is if I create the folio rules set as a saved PNG with one ID that should not be resaved as hundreds of unique items. (folios meaning page numbers not DPS "folios"). Another weird thing is that I used Adobe Woodtype Ornaments which were rendered out at png, but they don't display in the file at all. Instead there is a dot (as if the font isn't there). I am looking at it on iBooks and ADE4.


      Not related, but I have also seen that my headlines with custom kerning and tracking do not work at all in fixed layout. Good to know.


      Below is a page showing my custom kerning/tracking of doesn't display correctly (but I'll have to replace this font anyway due to licensing). The rules on the footer and folio are shown (though they were positioned together in the original). The blue dots are the Adobe Woodtype Ornament that was above and below the folio rules don't display. There'd dot at the end of the story is another Adobe Wood Type Ornament.

      Screen Shot 2014-10-17 at 5.50.47 PM.png

      Below shows that it created a png for the little red bugs, but then didn't display that png! It didn't create pngs for the blue ornaments in the folio.

      Screen Shot 2014-10-17 at 5.46.04 PM.png

      Currently watching Ann Marie Concepcion's video re: FXL Epubs. She's covering some of this.