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    Help with flash menu in static website


      I'm trying to in corporate a flash menu into a static website. If I could have it my way and some more time I would have the whole website flash, but that isn't possible at this time.

      The first hurdle is the home/splash page, it has the menu, header and a graphic. What I'm looking to do is when the user clicks on the menu have it wipe away and then go to the correct page. I have my motion down, I just need help getting it to the right page. I think I need to have action script at the end of the motion that checks to see what button was pressed. I believe that I need to use an elseif statement, but I'm not sure what the condition should be to check which button was pressed. I've tried searching the help but haven't found anything, I'm guessing it's a boolean check of some sort.

      The second part of the menu I need help with is, when the menu is on a specific page, having that page marked in the menu, I'm not sure how that can be done, I'm sure a similar way to the first question, but don't know where to start .

      Hope I'm not in over my head and thanks for your help,