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    FlashVars help?

    masterkrang Level 1
      hello, i'm trying to bring flashvars into my swf using this code:

      shopper_info_txt.text = Number(_level0.user_id);

      here's the html. can you tell me what's wrong here? thanks!

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          masterkrang Level 1
          the error message i get is: undefined
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            > the error message i get is: undefined

            Are you getting this message in more than one browser? I ask, because
            your HTML code looks fine for the OBJECT tag (which is used by Internet
            Explorer), but not with the EMBED tag (which is used by just about
            everything else).

            You have two EMBED tags, and you should only have one. Take the
            following name/value pair ...


            ... and put that inside the previous EMBED tag as one of its many
            attributes. The previous EMBED tag already has src, quality, bgcolor, etc.
            attributes, so add the one more somewhere in that list.

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