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    PE 12 & Windows 8.1


      Does anyone know the best settings for Premiere Elements 12 to be set to, when used on Windows 8.1.  It seems that the program uses all available CPU

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          A.T. Romano Level 7



          What are you doing with the program when it is using all available CPU?

          Closed - Opened?

          If opened project....project preset, properties of sources media, extent/complexing of editing and size of projects, burn to and/or

          export to file saved to computer hard drive scope?


          Description of computer and its resources?



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            Sandeep Singh Adobe Employee

            Hi JCoult,


            Thanks for posting on Adobe forums.

            Please try to update Premiere Elements 12 to Premiere Elements 12.1

            1. Choose Help > Updates.
            2. Follow the onscreen instructions.

            Let us know if this help.