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    McAfee and Flash Player - STOP IT!!!!

    WolfShade Level 4

      I have a feeling that this isn't a forum that anyone at Adobe actually reads.  If that's the case, I think it's shameful the way Adobe just shoves users off onto other users for things like this, instead of actually wanting to be the ones in charge of handling things.


      If that's not the case:


      Dear Adobe,


      What I really want is for you to stop packaging McAfee AV with your Flash Player installs and updates.  McAfee is one of the worst AV applications on the market (just ask anyone who has had the .vxd BSOD after installing something without temporarily disabling McAfee), doesn't work nearly as well as any of the other AV apps (like AVG, Avira, avast!, etc.), and has long outlived its usefulness. Sadly, McAfee is probably big enough, by now, that it won't be going away, anytime soon.


      However, if there is something PREVENTING you from dropping McAfee from the Flash Player installs (like some kind of horrid contractual obligation), then please, at least do us the favour of NOT automatically checking the "Include McAfee" checkbox during installation.  First of all, if someone installing or updating Flash already has an AV app on their system, installing a second one can cause conflicts.  Secondly (and I have a feeling this is what you guys are counting on), not everyone will SEE that it's automatically checked and wind up installing McAfee without realising it, without wanting it, without fully consenting to it.  Thirdly, it's just plain insulting to those of us who actually know a good AV app is.


      If you insist on keeping McAfee in the Flash Player (or other apps) install or upgrade packages, then this PC user will have no choice but to take Steve Jobs' advice and completely remove Flash from my system.


      Thank you,