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    PE13 Tryout Unexplained Work Area Bar Behavior

    A.T. Romano Level 7

      In Premiere Elements 12 and other prior versions of Premiere Elements, if I had a clip of 149 frames (from video or still) and played it back in the Edit area,

      a. the gray tabs of the Work Area Bar typically automatically spanned the duration of the clip

      b. at the end of Timeline playback, the Timeline Indicator would stop "in the black" in what could be designated the 150th frame (the first frame of the next clip if there were a side by side clip). The following Premiere Elements 12 screenshot is intended to demonstrate the point


      Now with Premiere Elements 13, doing the same thing I get about 90% of the 149th frame and about 10% black area next to it

      for this "150th frame". Please refer to the next screenshot of Premiere Elements 13 tryout workspace.

      v13 glitch.JPG


      The attempted remedies


      a. if I use the arrow key to go back to the 149th frame and then use Alt/right bracket key ] to reset the

      right gray tab, same as before...it takes about a 4 frames in set of the Work Area Bar right gray tab

      before I get the playback ending without the 10% black.

      b. alternatively, if I use the arrow key to advance the Timeline Indicator by 1 frame to get a "black frame" ending, reset

      the right gray tab using Alt/right bracket key ] , then the playback of the clip ends in black on the 152th frame, not 151th, mark.


      Deletion of the Adobe Premiere Elements Prefs file or the whole 13.0 Folder in which it exists does not resolve the issue.

      And this is an end of last Timeline clip syndrome whether there is 1 or more than 1 clip on the Timeline. A Windows 7 64 bit

      computer was used. Project Preset was set manually for NTSC DV Standard, but was seen when the project set the project

      preset for other than NTSC DV Standard.


      Has anyone seen this in the Premiere Elements 13 tryout or the purchased version of it?


      Thanks for any confirmations or explanations on this.