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      I'm considering upgrading to RoboHelp 6, but am hesitant in doing so. See, I've been using v. 9.2 forever and when I learned that RH was going to be phased out and was no longer supported by ANYONE, I purchased Component One's Doc2Help and was going to migrate RH over to D2H. I never finished the migration, but realized in that time I really didn't care for D2H . Now I find out that RH is back and would like to buy RH6, but am wondering RH's future with Adobe. Does anyone know anything about whether Adobe will continue releasing versions of RH and the future for RH? Also, RH v9.2 was pretty reliable, but was faulty at times, and I learned to adapt. Is RH's functionality a bit better, and has the secondary window issue ever been fixed? In 9.2, I had to tweak the code to make secondary windows work, and that task alone took forever. Has this ever been fixed? Any insight would be greatly appreciated!

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          Peter Grainge Adobe Community Professional
          Hi Danni

          I think there are enough posts around here, on HATT and elsewhere to indicate that Adobe are committed to taking RoboHelp forward. They are already working on the next version and yesterday I spent the day with three senior people going through all sorts of stuff about the product.

          Those people are now on their way to WritersUA in the US where they are meeting with colleagues who will be spending lots of time with the delegates their to find out needs for the next and subsequent releases.

          I'll leave it for someone else to comment on the secondary window issue.

          BTW. I would edit the post and remove your email address. First the way we work here is to reply to the forum so that the information is available to all. More importantly though sources such as this are where spam senders harvest addresses.