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    Picture Package Second Print


      I am in the process of printing several images for an upcoming art show.  Using Lightroom 5, an iMac, and an Epson 9900, I set up a picture package in LR using a page setup of 24" X 25" for 24" roll paper.  The picture package grid I created contains one 18" x 12" cell across the top, with two 8.5" X 11" cells below it.  All three cells containing the same image.  The first print I make is perfect, with all three prints sized correctly. 


      Next, using the same layout, I replace the first image with a second, and without changing anything other than the image, I send the second job to the printer.  The second job initially appears to be printing correctly; however, the image which should have been 18" x 12" comes out at 18" x just over 9.5" which means that the bottom 2.5" is cut off.  The cutoff edge is clean, stops abruptly, and has a white margin below it.  The printing stops, ejects a few inches of paper as is normal, and cuts the paper at 11".  In other words, instead of getting a second print with three images on a 24" by 25" sheet, I get one truncated image on a 24" x 11" sheet.  Back in LR, if I create a new page setup, the same thing happens; the first time I send it to the printer all three images print perfectly, but change the image, click the print button, and I get short-sheeted once again. This is driving me nuts.  Suggestions will be very much appreciated.



      Robert Mac