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    When publishing video files in H.264 format, I get the error "No rendered photo exists on disk"

    Cannot Publish Videos

      I want to export images as well as videos (.mov files) by using the Publishing Manager in Lightroom 5.6 under Windows 7, 64 Bit. For this I activated "Include Video Files" in the Publishing Manager and set "Video Format" to "H.264". When publishing, all photos are correctly published. The videos, however, are not published. Instead Lightroom returns the error: "Some export operations were not performed.", "No rendered photo exists on disk" followed by a list of the videos that could not be exported.

      If I select "Original, unedited file" for "Video Format" instead, the videos are published. Also, if I manually export the videos (without using the Publishing functionality), the export works.


      How can I publish videos using the H.264 format?