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    lightroom catalog not complete

    ninjapimp Level 1

      I'm in a bit of a pickle. Yesterday I installed OSXC yosemite on my iMac 2013. Prior to doing this I opened lightroom and backed up my catalog, which is stored along with all my pictures on an external thunderbolt drive.


      I installed yosemite clean, meaning I formatted my hard drive. installed lightroom and told it to open my catalog which is on the external.

      the problem is when it opened, it was missing about 6 months of work and files?? it was not up to date??


      i right click on the folder and tell it to synchronize. so indeed all files are there but the main issue is all those presets, changes i made to each file are gone.

      it means I now have to redo all the work on the original files, cropping, exposure and all that.


      is there a way to get it all back?

      why did it not pickup exactly where it left off - which is what i expected


      any help is very much appreciated as I've lost over 6 months of work

      again, files all seem to be intact but the actual work done to the image is gone.

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          NicHamilton Level 3

          ..and your backup Catalogs?


          I'm not clear whether it's your standard catalog or the backup that you refer to that your're having trouble with?


          Either way, what about your other backups?



          If six months worth of work is missing then that's most likely because it's an older file.  Presumably a six month old backup?

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            ninjapimp Level 1

            When i open lightroom, prior to installing and updating to yosemite, it would open the catalog stored on the external drive.

            the date on that file is 10-17-2014, thus current.

            my lightroom catalog is stored on the external drive, same place where all my pictures are.


            as for backups, they are identical, same issue.


            i dont understand why lightroom when opening my catalog on 10-17 was fine but when i update to yosemite and open exact same catalog its missing 6 months of information, despite the fact date on catalog is 10-17 and is same file on same location on an external drive.


            i tried a backup file and same thing.

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              dave_doeppel Level 2

              how are you determining 6 months? do you see history on your images in the Develop module? perhaps you need to rebuild previews

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                dj_paige Level 10

                You probably need to use your operating system to search your external drive for all .LRCAT files, and open each one to fidn the one that has the current set of photos