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    How do I correct the error; "PluginCoder error: no pligin DLLs" when attempting to burn a DVD with Premiere Elements 13


      I just upgraded to PE 13 - removed PE12 prior to installing PE13 and now I cannot burn a DVD on my Win 7 Pro 64bit PC.  In my first attempt at burning a DVD PE 13 did not see the DVD burner - drive "z:".  I have a WD MyBook 4TB USB HD and had Security configured which created a Virtual CD on the drive.  I disabled the virtual CD and rebooted.  This time PE13 recognized the DVD burner but when trying to burn a DVD I received the No DLLs message and had to cancel the burn.  I tried the burn again and the DVD burner was no longer recognized.


      I then removed PE13 and reinstalled it - no errors during the install.  Tried again and same result - no DLLs.


      Any help would be greatly appreciated.


      Thanks for your time,