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    Reconnecting files to a element project


      I have a elements video project before my hard drive crashed.  Everything is fixed and files reloaded onto the new hard drive. The elements project opens but does not connect to the video and photo files.  I can reconnect them but manually.  Why can't I get the program to search and reconnect the files?

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          What version of Premiere Elements are you using and on what computer operating system is it running.


          When you import media into a project, all you get are copies of the source media. But, the project needs to trace back to the location where those originals were when they were first imported into the project. In your case, the project does not know where they are; all it knows is that the originals are not where they were when they were first imported into the project.


          When you get into this type of missing media situation, the project tries to assist you with those "Where is the file....?" messages. Each names the file that that  project wants to connect back to. Sometimes you can get lucky, and, after doing a few reconnects one at a time, all will suddenly be reconnects. Depends....

          If you have a lot of edits involved in all this, then you might want to a longer route, Replace Footage, which replaces the footage and you will not lose the edits that went into the file. Please refer....



          It goes without saying, avoid the missing media experience at all costs if you can. Do not move, delete, or rename files and folders that are in the project after the project has been saved closed. Archiving certain projects can help you in certain instances.

          Adobe Premiere Elements 11 * Archiving projects


          Please update us on your progress.