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    I am trying to skip logic a page, but my form fails to do so


      In my form, the deadline to submit an abstract has passed, so I would like to skip the pages which ask for contributed talk information.  Yet, in every iteration, the form fails to skip those pages.  I've tried everything, and nothing works.


      The only way I could hack a solution is to go to all of the different fields on those two pages, go "Show/Hide" on each field, and then hide if "any" condition was met, where the condition was a Yes/No question from before (and I hide if they said either of Yes or No).


      If I were to guess, it looks like since the form has already accepted information from those fields, it refuses to skip over those fields for future submissions.  But this is a problem, of course, because I don't want to write a brand new form that includes everything BUT those two pages. (And then later have to integrate the two separate databases.) The whole point of "skip logic" is for a user to "show and hide certain parts of a form", right?


      This smacks of a bug, as far as I can tell.

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          brian.filipiak Level 2

          Hi GJay_K,


          There isn't a way for a FormsCentral form to automatically act on a non-user action... such as the passing of a date. The form itself doesn't know about dates, and the show/hide logic works on choices, not dates. Forms also don't know about prior submissions, so what has been submitted in the past is not going to affect what a person sees in the form right now.


          That said, what you are talking about is "Navigate to Page" logic, rather than show/hide logic for individual items. If all of those questions you want to hide are consolidated on two pages, you could simply set those two pages to never be navigated to. When the person hits the end of page 1 and clicks next, they would be taken to page 4, skipping over pages 2 and 3. You would have to set up some sort of improbable case where they *would* display... but that should be easy to do.


          Just a thought. I hope it helps,



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            GJay_K Level 1

            Dear Brian,


            Thanks for responding, and I appreciate the suggestion.  I think I am

            following exactly what you are saying, and I agree with you.  The

            details: the pages with the "submit abstract" fields are on pages 6 and

            7.  I thought I could, at the end of page 5, say, "Skip directly to

            page 8".  I clicked the correct button at the bottom, I said "Skip

            directly to page 8", yet, the form fails to skip.  I tried it on the

            "Test your page", I tried it on the live form, I tried everything.


            I clicked every button on the Adobe Forms website associated with the

            form, and no matter what incantation I pick, I can't get pages 6 and 7

            to go away.


            I believe that I am correctly interpreting what Adobe advertises as

            "skip directly to page", but it simply isn't working with my form in

            this particular case, and for what reason I have no idea.  I wanted to

            submit a bug report but the only thing I could find on their website

            was "Start a discussion."


            Even though I can't make the entire pages go away, I managed to get the

            fields to go away by that "show/hide" trick, where I am hiding the field

            regardless of what the user enters previously.  Clearly, though, this

            isn't the right way to make pages 6 and 7 go away, and if I knew what

            peculiarity about my form was rendering 6+7 inviolate, I would change



            I was a bit surprised, frankly, because up until now everything about

            the form (and FormsCentral in general) seemed pretty slick - I was

            impressed.  Now, in the moment that I need these pages to go away, here

            I am, hacking again.


            If you'd like to see the form in action, you can find it at




            Thanks again - I don't know that there is a solution here, and even if

            there were, it's going to be too late by this Friday anyway.






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              brian.filipiak Level 2

              Hi Jay,


              This might work:


              At the bottom of Page 5…


              1. Check the “Navigate to Page” box

              2. For the rules, tell the form to “Go directly to Page 8”

              … unless “I am already an MAA member" is

              “selected" go to "Page 8”

              “not selected” go to “Page 8”


              In a small test I tried in my own account, this worked for me. I have no other show/hide logic at play on any of the other fields.


              I hope that helps,