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    Export multiple pages in InDesign...

    Outpost Magazine Inc. Level 1

      Did anyone try to export for print (this means with all the bleeds, marks, color coding, etc etc...) an entire magazine into single pages?

      I found various solutions but non are realistic. I shoot with a D800e and D810 (this means massive 36 megapixel files) and each page can contain up to 10 or more images making each page incredibly heavy! (why am I telling you this?) one of the solutions is to export the entire document in one single pdf and then extract each page from Acrobat X ... this is obviously impossible for the massive amount of data.


      So my question is can I export the whole magazine in one shot into single files? or I'm doomed to export single pages each time




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          Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

          It's highly unlikely that you need 36 megapixel files for printing a magazine and you should be downsampling to an appropriate resolution -- probably 300 ppi at print dimensions.

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            Dov Isaacs Adobe Employee

            And to add to Peter's response, you should also be using compression. For digital photography, maximum quality JPEG compressing (in InDesign the Automatic/JPEG and Maximum quality compression settings) could dramatically reduce the size of the resultant PDF files with no perceptible quality loss.


            Also, if you keep the images as ICC profile-tagged RGB  as opposed to prematurely converting to CMYK, you could easily cut the size of the images by 25% or more (24 bits/pixel as opposed to 32 bits/pixel) with no quality loss, but with more flexibility for printing.


                      - Dov

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              Outpost Magazine Inc. Level 1

              Hello Peter,

              I shoot with a 36Mp camera because not all the times you'll be using the whole image. Many times there is a crop of that image and obviously it has been compressed and cut (using a full size image has no sense) The final file 1:1 is 300Dpi and to reply to  Dov, yes the export is done correctly in JPEG.


              But this is not the point... let's make an example. a magazine 250 pages, all done (images, text, etc etc) is ready for the printer that requires single pages with bleed and slug (markers etc etc) imagine that the pages can contain up to 5 images each (this means something close to 1200 images) is there a way to export each single page separately with one command? If you ever exported in jpeg directly from ID (to create a file to view or send in email for approval as an example...not related to print!) you'll see that ID creates separate files for each page (obviously no JPG contains more pages) but I know that there's a script that allows the same thing in ID. It will export the whole file with multiple pages in single PDFs.


              Thank you Peter and Dov for your kindness and for your time