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    Video Timeline Editing


      In the Video Timeling (not animation), how do you increase the length of a clip?

      This is starting from a blank video layer, I am not importing existing video.


      When I attempt to increase the duration of the video layer photoshop throws an error, the value must be between 0.04 and 5 seconds.

      I need more time. I understand that you could make a new blank layer, stagger them, and work from there, and group them to make it appear as if it is one entity. Not ideal.


      I am creating a 2D animation.

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          John Waller Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Is this in Premiere Pro CC?

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            flutiddleen Level 1

            Nope, Photoshop CC.


            My process is Create a Film and Video Document, Add a new blank video layer, start animating.

            But the default layer only has 120 frames (5 secs). I need a way to add more frames to the existing layer.


            There is one work around I just found, when I reach the end of the 120 frames and insert a frame, the layer does in fact increase in length. But it involved drawing a frame, hotkey to insert a new blank frame, going to the timeline to extend the video bar because it doesn't automatically extend, then going to draw again, and repeat.


            There must be a setting somewhere to change the overall duration to be more than the default 5 seconds.

            In previous versions of photoshop it was under the Animation Panel Settings --> Document Settings. Which no longer exists.

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              John Waller Adobe Community Professional & MVP

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