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    Help! Holding Shift results in lopsided shape!

    TheNexus169 Level 1

      Hi guys, First time I'm having this problem.


      When trying to use the shape tool, and I hold shift the shapes become lopsided.


      When I try to make a square using the shape tool and hold shift, the result is a rectangle where the height is long but the width is short.


      Same for circle, and any other shapes when holding the shift button. Height is way bigger than the length.


      How do I fix this?

      I tried restarting after effects but have the same results

      lopsided shape.png


      All the shapes were created by holding shift and dragging. They are all stretched  height wise.


      any ideas?


      Edit: Also another weird thing is after making a shape, (lets say for example I made the shape with the width being longer than the height)

      then I select the move tool and then hold a corner of the shape. When I hold shift, it still wont become a perfect circle, but will retain the proportion of which the shape was drawn.


      So if i make a shape that is 10x2, after making the shape I select a corner and hold down shift and drag to make it bigger, it will grow to 20x4 (if I drag it that big), instead of being a perfect square like 10x10.


      Although that is pretty cool, I still DONT want that to happen. I want my perfect shapes back =(


      Please help!