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    Is Bridge CC available on Single app Illustrator subscription for Individuals?

    homy design Level 1

      SIngle app subcriptions for Teams FAQs mentions bridge is available for Illustrator single app subscribers, but can't find the same Information for Individuals.



      If I purchase the Creative Cloud for teams single-app plan, will I have access to Adobe Bridge CC?

      Yes, Adobe Bridge CC is available for use through any single-app membership. Note that in order to use Camera Raw in conjunction with Adobe Bridge CC to preview and edit RAW files, you must have a membership to Photoshop CC or After Effects CC. Support for previewing video and audio files in Adobe Bridge CC is only available if you have a membership to Photoshop CC, Adobe Premiere Pro CC, or After Effects CC.


      http://adobeinteractiveguide.adobe.com/drupal/sites/default/files/ccteams_single-app_faq_f inal_ue.pdf