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    [AS2] - Video Object

    Level 7
      Hallo all,

      How to create a Video Object?

      Im developing an application with use of webcam.... Since i put in my stage
      a Video Object everithing works good.... but if i want create dinamically
      this.... im having some problems....

      Is there a ._x method to move the Video Object on the stage without
      fisically putting it into the stage...

      It seems that there are no method move or _x, _y, for Video Object.... I
      searched in the web and many people says that i must create video object and
      place it within a MovieClip then link the Movieclip.... How can i do it ????

      Code is here:

      var my_cam:Camera = Camera.get();
      var my_video:Video;

      Thanks Bye!