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    Import by reference and allowing .fm and .book files

      Flare allows you to import FrameMaker files by reference, so you can continue working in the FrameMaker files without having to manually re-import all edited/new files into the Flare project all the time. They call this feature "EasySync". Is this a feature RoboHelp can add?

      Our company does all our work in FrameMaker, but we also need to produce new builds on a frequent basis so our development team can see all progress. RoboHelp imports FrameMaker files pretty well, but without the "import by reference" feature, it's really only plausible to import once you have completed your project--works in progress seem to be dismissed.

      As well, it's a bit of pain to have to re-save all the .fm files as .mifs. Flare allows you to import .fm files. Is RoboHelp planning on implementing this feature as well.

      These are the two make or break features our company is looking for. I find RoboHelp a little more user friendly than Flare (and certainly more than WebWorks), but without these two feature the import of our FrameMaker projects isn't as seamless as we require.

      Please let me know if this is something RoboHelp can offer. I heard you are planning a new release soon in order to support Vista and Microsoft Office 2007. Are these features something that can be added with this release?