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    Recovery from Hard Drive Failure


      We lost a hard drive on an editing station this week.  All of our files, including raws and catalog, are backed up on a netowrk storage drive.  I've recovered the files and transferred them back to the local PC's new hard drive.  The way our NAS works is that is saves new versions of the same file if changes have been made,  Accordingly, there are many versions of the lightroom catalog file (each suffixed with a date like Lightroom 5 Catalog (2014_10_09 13_24_17 UTC)).


      My first thought was to open the latest version of the catalog, and then make sure the raws are located where the catalog is looking for them.  I ran into a problem though.  Lightroom can't open the catalog:


      "Lightoom cannot use the catalog named "Lightroom 5 Catalog (2014_10_09 13_24_17 UTC)" it is not a writable and cannot be opened.  This could be ca used by incorrect permissions or because another lightroom application is using the catalog.  You may try to correct the problem or you may select a different catalog."


      What can I do to resolve this?  I'm confident that if I can get the catalog open, I can get things back on track.  We just wrapped up our busiest wedding season ever, and having one of our editing stations down is a really bad thing!


      Thanks so much for your help!