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    Image Doesn't Appear in Lightroom Mobile

    dkaye Level 1

      I have one image that makes it from LR to the lightroom.adobe.com website, but it never gets to my iOS devices: 2014 Book. I also note that the image on the website is blurry, as though the JPEG conversion never completed. I've tried to remove/re-add this image many times, but it never syncs. Any suggestions why this might be the case? Is there a way to report this to Adobe as a bug? It's entirely reproduceable.  ...doug

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          greule Adobe Employee

          Hi Doug, when I look at the image renditions at the back-end I see that there is something missing. Could you send me a private message with a downloadable dropbox link to the original photo so that I can try to reproduce?


          Btw. Does it help when you add the image to a new collection?



          - Guido/ Lr Mobile