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    "internal error occurred" Fireworks CS5


      I've used Fireworks succussfully (without any problem) since 2010/2011: suddenly (last Friday around 6pm) it started failing to function, close or open without "internal error occurred". I did system restore... After up till 4am trying to fix it: I uninstalled reinstalled the entire CS5 and everything seems fine so far ex@cept Fireworks keeps saying "internal error occurred". I changed the configuration setting to show hidden files, don't hide extensions, the preference file inside the FW configuration folder is a word doc -0- (no preferences: I tried removing

      it yesterday but it didn't altercate the internal error occurred). It seems like there is some incredibly simple fix for this issue: I've read that other persons have had this problem but I

      never have before and I absolutely do not have the time to continue fussing with this. Fireworks 'Internal Error Occurred' over and over: I have to use task manager to end it. Does

      anyone have an honest answer to why this is suddenly happening?

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      T Yvonne F

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          I had the Studio version of Fireworks. It worked really good. Now I have a trial version from Adobe. It's flaky as the dickens. I keep getting 'internal error occurred' and 'not enough memory' errors. I tried to call about it and warn them I might not subscribe to fireworks for that reason. But there's no phone support for their products. I guess I just have to hope they continue to work to take the bugs out of their stuff. On the other hand they seem to have a 'take-it-or-leave-it attitude.



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            Had the same issue, and this is what fixed it for me.

            Hope it works for you too...TYvonneF


            Adobe Fireworks CS5 Cannot Close An internal error occurred | InteractiveWebs Technical Support

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              TYvonneF Level 1

              The support for Fireworks CS5 was said to be extinct: no longer available directly from Adobe. I uninstalled, re-installed twice: the second time I removed all preferences. I now use Fireworks only when the radio for wi-fi is disabled: the issue?! I'm not sure, but it works wonderfully well again... Keeping the radio wi-fi disabled is a safety precaution; it seems the internal error has something to do with the faux browser scams floating the Inet. Otherwise: preferences was the issue; I did read the kill kill and it seemed somewhat logical up to a point. I'm cleaning out old files: I've only opened one that caused an 'internal error message within FW since I did the second re-install: the first one said succuss--internal error--the second one sad foul and yet the foul works perfect...

              I do love the Adobe software: I'm not blaming it or Adobe but it seems the problem started when the setting online for Fireworks was changed when support was allegedly ended for CS5.