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    Path to MovieClip Problem

      Hi all

      I have a main.swf file which contains firstly a navigation bar and secondly an empty movie clip with an instance name of 'main_content' into which I load my external swf files depening on which button is pressed in my navigation bar.

      The external swf files that are loaded are made up of 2 movieclips. One called 'sub_menu' and the other called 'images'.

      The 'sub_menu' contains 5 thumbnail movieclips each with an instance name 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 respectively and they have 2 keyframes each (a mouse over and out effect - i.e. the alpha changes on the 'over' effect.) I have this part working fine so when a user clicks these thumbnail images, the content changes in my 'images' movieclip and the over and out efects work great. However...

      What I am trying to achieve is to simply make the 1st thumbnail in my 'sub_menu' movieclip set to the 'over' state (keyframe 2) when it is loaded into my main.swf file by clicking its navigation item. Thus giving the impression it is already selected by default.

      I have the following code placed on one of my navigation buttons. All works fine except the last line where I keep getting actionscript syntax errors:

      this.onRelease = function() {

      Can anyone elighten me on what is the problem or how I can achieve this by simply telling the movie clip thumbnail to set itself to the 'over' keyframe?

      Thanks in advance.
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          Rothrock Level 5
          Generally you should avoid long, long descriptions and then not tell us what the syntax error is. In any even you should always post the systax error or at least sumerize it.

          However I do spot what is the problem. You can't give instances names that are just numbers. I've never tested starting with a number, but for other data structures (Access database fields) that is also forbidden, so I just don't do that either.