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    Last change not / wrongly stored

    Lille Ulven Level 1

      I have a strange phenomenon in LR 5.3 on Mac Lion - photos taken with Pentax K20 in DNG format, all files are DNGs here.

      My last changes to photo A included a cropping of bottom and top and after that using the graduated filter to darken the sky in the "remaining" photo. All looks nice, so I go further to photo B.

      Now looking at the preview of photo A, the crop has suddenly extended to cut of much more than I originally cut off.

      Changing back by using the history, going to photo B - the same thing happens.


      I have had something similar to more of my photos, but there the last changes always have been the fixes to the Histogram, making sure that the dark areas weren't too dark / the white ones not too light. But going to the next photo and back again, suddenly the last change is undone and some area again is "beyond borders".


      I cannot say when I have noticed this behavior the very first time - I would assume that it started when I started with the new catalogue for my last holidays. And yes, I did optimize the catalogue and the problem persists. I also tried saving the metadata to file, hoping it would make a change. "Copying the After settings to before" does not help either.


      Does anybody have an idea how to fix this? I really don't want to have to redo hundreds of files and not be able to save them properly...


      Thanks in advance for all kind help.


      Lille Ulven