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    Image integrity ensured by Lightroom?


      Hey guys,


      as far as I know is the image integrity not checked by Lightroom. It checks for the catalogue integrity only. Alternatively it can check for DNG integrity, if the images are not stored in .CR, .NEF or similar.


      I'd like to know if image integrity will be considered in the future or if Adobe already works on this topic. I mean probably a lot of photographers would hate the idea of images getting corrupted by bit rot with noticing.


      The problem is that common filesystem and operating system don't take care about this. In my opinion Lightroom is the right place to not only help me manage, but also store my images securely. It would be awesome if Lightroom could store checksums or even CRC-data of my images (RAW and xmp) in the catalogue, which is integrity checked (and hopefully secured with CRC as well). Whenever a failure (for example bit rot) occurs, Lightroom could notice by checking all files on demand, every week or when opening it.


      Lightroom has the great potential to give photgraphers the feeling of their images is really taken care of. So far there is not easy solution for most of the photographers to store and backup their data without fearing corrupted images.


      I'm happy about any information on this topic.