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    Merged indexes don't work

      Hi Rob,

      I have a problem with seeing the index entries of a slave project in the master project chm. As well as not being able to see the slave index entries, the word search does not display words from the slave project. All the settings are OK in both projects, including having the Binary Index checkbox ticked in the Project Settings dialog box, but still no joy.
      Anyone got any ideas?

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          Rorsa Level 1
          I managed to work out why our index entries from the slave project were not showing up in the master project.
          We’d been using ProgrammingReferenceGuide.chm as the name of the slave project chm file. This has exactly 25 characters. I thought it may be too long so I shortened it worked. After some more testing, I found out that the maximum number of characters you can have in a slave project that is merged into a master project is 24 - we had one character too many!!
          No-one in tech support knew this.
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            Peter Grainge Adobe Community Professional
            That's a new one. Thanks for posting it.